Are u dating a sociopath

30-Dec-2016 01:22

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He had all of the qualities that you had been searching for.He was confident, intelligent, successful, good looking, socially skilled.But Cameron had learned to mimic emotions he was expected to show in certain situations — he worked out what I was looking for and deliberately morphed into that perfect being.When I met him in August 1998, it was love at first sight.I have read and heard from so many women/men who have fallen into this trap.As the number of narcissists increases every day, the number of bloodless sociopaths swells as well.Your blood pressure is high; you are getting constant infections and flus. First, recognize that you are married to a psychological criminal –a person who doesn’t give a damn about you and will replace you with someone else if he already hasn’t.You can’t sleep at night and you wake up with a start. Make your plans in secret to get out of the marriage and to protect the assets that you have.

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Seek short term quality psychotherapy if you think that will provide you with a therapeutic alliance that you need at this time. At some point he may get the scent that you are on to his game and try to woo you back with enticements.

This is all delusion–the greatest act in the world that most people believe, even the relatives of the victims of the sociopathic husband.

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