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They’ve been married for nine years.“He has made my life wonderful,” says Becker, sitting in their sky-high condo, Toronto sprawled at their feet.“Honestly, how grateful I am to have a second love affair.”His story When Bengt Lindvall’s wife, Monica, died of cancer in 2003, she left him with 41 years of happy memories — and a list of their female friends whom he should never date.On weekends, she was alone in the country with her two dogs.

The owner of a food brokerage, Becker worked long hours during the week.“An honest picture means an honest person,” he thought. “There were thoughts hinted at, but not fully expressed.” He messaged her. In her several years of online dating, she had endured many dreary coffee meetings.To meet her, he’d have to drive to Toronto, so forget coffee. Her story“What a geek.” That was Rose Becker’s reaction to Lindvall’s photo. “They didn’t share the same that I did,” says Becker, who loves travelling, hiking and biking.Their story When Becker arrived at the restaurant, Lindvall was waiting with a plastic red rose between his teeth. The conversation flowed easily, as did the laughter. Before meeting her family at a bat mitzvah, Lindvall — originally from Sweden, where he grew up as a Protestant — read all he could about Judaism.

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Lindvall told her he wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. At the gathering, he had a long conversation with the rabbi. Deep inside, it didn’t feel right.”“I thought it was fun,” says Becker.The widow, who was 59 at the time, wasn’t looking to remarry. “I never wanted to care for someone as sick as my husband was,” she explains.

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Not only, but countless other treasures await those who would admire them, from imposing mountain fortresses like Forte Fenestrelle and Forte Exilles, to the abbeys lining the ancient Via Francigena or standing in the quiet solitude the countryside - the Sacra di San Michele, one of the most impressive monuments in Piedmont, comes to mind.… continue reading »

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