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One day last summer, a saleswoman was looking for a conversation she’d had with an account manager, so she typed her own name in Slack’s search bar.

She found a public Slack channel, says Laura (not her real name).

For better or worse, it makes work life more like digital life, albeit a digital life where you can also smell what everyone else is eating for lunch.

The question is, what does this intrusion do to the delicate diplomacy of office life?

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The fight-or-flight impulse was not particularly useful here: They could make the channel disappear from their own view of Slack, but running away did nothing to delete its history.

“But I think people were pretty embarrassed.” Ivanka Trump Is Hard at Work in Washington — But for Whom? What Happens When the Office Becomes a Nonstop Chat Room Inside the Toxic Workplace at Fox News Read More Stories of Working in America on The Job Office gossip is as old as the office.

But the medium made that gossip searchable and public to anyone who knew where to look. And yet, at the same time, Slack was also the obvious place to do it.

Its default color scheme is that of a ’90s mall or movie theater (purple, pink, teal), and if you announce that you’ve completed a task, colleagues can respond with a chorus of custom emoji.

A widely beloved Giphy integration allows users to express themselves via gif.Laura works in ad sales at a well-known tech company.

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