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The company produced window shades, shade rollers, map rollers, movie screen rollers, lattishades and drapes, lattisdors, and porch shades.It wasn't until the 1968 that 'entertainer' was listed as Rudy's employment.

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When making a phone call to WTAC deejay Bob Dell to inquire about a booking at the popular teen dances at Mt.

The plot of the 1957 film involved aliens from the doomed planet Mysteroid who invade earth wearing capes, round helmets, and dark glasses while looking to mate with Earth women. Forum that The Mysterians met their first manager, David Torres.

Although skeptical at first, the other band members eventually decided 'The Mysterians' was both cool and stylish and adopted it as their moniker. Torres, who worked at Dow Chemical, was impressed by the frenzied reaction of the girls at the dance, and by the fact that he had never before seen a rock band in which all of the members were of Mexican descent.

He was very impressed by a fellow farm worker named Dave Garcia who both looked and played guitar like the late Ritchie Valens.

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Garcia showed Bobby some basic chords while sitting on the tailgate of the Balderrama’s family station wagon and stressed to him the necessity of practice if he wanted to be good on the instrument.

The members of the band were children of migrant farm workers who would travel to Michigan each summer to pick crops and then return to their homes in Texas when the harvest was complete.