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The new millennium brought another set of very good players from Panama, coming out of the local Superior Basketball Circuit (CBS), the under 21 team, and local players playing in Division 1 Universities in the United States.Panama has gone to 4 preolympic tournaments, 5 pre-world championships, one world championship (Japan)in 2006, and one youth basketball olympics (Singapore 2010)since the year 2000.One of the men sat on the ground near to the strippers has his entire face and forearms covered with tattoos, an unmistakeable sign he belongs to one of the dangerous gangs or maras that El Salvador's prisons are filled with.A Ministry of Justice spokesman confirmed in a statement: 'Following the publication of a video showing a party at Izalco Jail, the Head of the Prisons Service has ordered an internal investigation to clarify what happened and hold those responsible accountable.These players helped Briar Cliff to many NAIA Regional Championships, National Tournament appearances, and in 1981 the Chargers were ranked No.1 in the nation in the NAIA's final regular season poll.

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Meeting Russian Ladies has never been easier or more efficient. 1968 Olympic Games: finished 12th among 16 teams Davis Peralta, Norris Webb, Luis Sinclair, Pedro Rivas, Eliecer Ellis, Calixto Malcom, Nicolás Noé Alvarado, Ernesto Arturo Agard, Francisco Checa, Julio Osorio, Pércibal Eduardo Blades, Ramón Reyes (Coach: Eugenio Luzcando) 1970 World Championship: finished 9th among 13 teams Davis Peralta, Luis Sinclair, Pedro Rivas, Ernesto Arturo Agard, Julio Osorio, Pércibal Eduardo Blades, Julio Andrade, Herbert Cousins, Ronald Walton, Cecilio Straker, Mario Peart, Hector Montalvo (Coach: Carl Pirelli Minetti) 1982 World Championship: finished 9th among 13 teams Ernesto "Tito" Malcolm, Rolando Frazer, Mario Butler, Rodolfo Gill, Fernando Pinillo, Reggie Grenald, Braulio Rivas, Arturo Brown, Mario Galvez, Adolfo Medrick, Eddie Joe Chávez, Alfonso Smith (Coach: Jim Baron) 1986 World Championship: finished 19th among 24 teams Ernesto "Tito" Malcolm, Mario Butler, Rolando Frazer, Reggie Grenald, Rodolfo Gill, Fernando Pinillo, Braulio Rivas, Adolfo Medrick, Cirilo Escalona, Mario Gálvez, Enrique Grenald, Daniel Macias (Coach: Frank Holness) 2006 World Championship: finished 21st among 24 teams Ed Cota, Rubén Garcés, Jaime Lloreda, Ruben Douglas, Michael Hicks, Maximiliano "Max" Gómez, Eric Omar Cardenas, Kevin Daley, Antonio Enrique García, Jair Peralta, Jamaal Levy, Dionisio Gómez (Coach: Guillermo Edgardo Vecchio) At the 2015 FIBA Americas Championship: During the late 1970s and early 1980s, various Panama players played their college basketball in the United States at NAIA school Briar Cliff College as part of head coach Ray Nacke's "Panama Pipeline".Some of the members included national team members Rolando Frazier, Ernesto "Tito" Malcolm, Mario Butler, Eddie Warren, Reggie Grenald, and Mario Galvez.Usually underrated and underestimated, Panama Basketball always manages to qualify to big tournaments and give stunning surprises, such as beating the United States in the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2007.

Its long basketball tradition dating back to 1904, and its street basketball mentality of fighting hard to the end in basketball games, has made this Central American basketball program a "Classic" in the international scene.

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