Dating etiquitte from the fifties

10-Jun-2016 18:35

This is now My mom and stepdad are avid cruisers in their retirement years.

As I type they are sailing the (reportedly rough) high seas along the coast of Australia, headed soon to New Zealand. I’ve never cruised so not sure how much of this is “quaint and curious” vs. And, in case you are wondering (given the recent ship sinking event in Italy), printed in bold, highlighted by a box around the text: “Passengers should familiarize themselves with the Notice in the Staterooms regarding Emergency Station and Life Boat Number, and also participate in the Fire and Boat Drills.” One of the books that fell off my shelf during the “The Big Mineral, Virginia, Earthquake of 2011” was a paperback titled Mc Call’s Guide to Teen-Age Beauty and Glamour, written by Betsy Keiffer.

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The book is called The Complete Book of Absolutely Perfect Housekeeping: An Uproarious Guide for Disorganized Housewives (with Neat Solutions to Sloppy Problems), published in 1956 by Elinor Goulding Smith.

Asked what they considered the most dire crimes in looks and dress, they unhesitatingly came up with: I guess that makes it pretty clear that boys don’t miss a trick when it comes to a girl’s appearance.

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