Dating ex husband and boyfriend

01-Nov-2016 03:15

Find out what the no-go zones are, and you’ll avoid a lot of misunderstandings down the road.

That is, unless you want to stir up trouble and end up in a screaming match while entering the school auditorium to see Junior’s play.

Don’t obsess on the ex-spouse’s negative behavior and don’t give into the temptation to compete.

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Tell the ex, “I think you’ve done a wonderful job raising these kids and I don’t want to — nor could I ever — take your place.

Months later, the ex would follow this up with threats that Cindy had “better not dare” come to her child’s school meetings, even though Cindy had children at that school as well!

“A lot of it was about wanting to be in control of him and the kids," says Cindy, who eventually married Wayne.

In any case, if it’s unclear whether the ex will be fine with you going, always ask your honey to check first. No matter how unfair or outrageous, ask yourself this question: How will my going affect the child?

If there’s a big blow-up fight between you and the ex, the child suffers more than anyone, so keep this in mind as you put your pride aside and stay home that night.

” Make sure you really your date this and not just mention it as a possibility, since your sweetie may try to talk you out of it!