Drake dating serena williams

19-Oct-2016 20:21

In fact, he is actually the co-founder of one of the most popular websites online - Reddit.He founded the site in 2005 with Steve Huffman and, according to Hollywood Life, he left the site just two years later before returning to be a part of the company full-time again in 2015.A better theory—assuming we need a theoretical framework for what amounts to a half-baked rumor about Williams’ love life—would be that she’s attracted to his energy, charisma, and positive attitude.Dubbed “the Internet’s own cheerleader” by the Ohanian’s idealism, I should note, tends more toward the “hands-off-our-free-speech” variety than what Redditors might call the “social justice warrior” mode.

Let no one speculate that Williams is dating Ohanian for his money.

Ohanian has never condoned the ugly strains of racism and misogyny that thrive on the site he built.

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