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05-Nov-2016 19:56

However, since late December, 2017 through late January, 2018 we believe that there are some new criminals involved in this scam.

We say this primarily because of the voice messages victims have recently sent to us. An example is the "new sheriff" link above and these 3 voice messages sent to us by a victim who was targeted on OKCupid on January 26 by a woman's profile saying she was 20 years old and named "Brittnie." Do you recognize this man? Message from "Dad" using the name "Matt Davis" and calling about his daughter, Brittnie (though the "detective" asked our victim if he was talking to "Lily Davis": The victim was first contacted by a man claiming to be Sergeant Chad Barrel from a neighboring town's police department.

However, the man in South Carolina is responsible for most of these scams.

He is African-American, likely between the ages of 25 - 35 years old and has, on rare occasions, had a woman help him.

During the last few months this criminal also deletes the fake daughter profile very soon after he makes contact with his next victim.

In the months of November and December, 2017 this criminal tricked 13% of his victims into sending him money.

In the spur of the moment I asked to see it, to which she sent a picture and asked for one in return.

I claimed to be somewhere public and could not send anything back, she then kept sending other photos of whom seemed to be the same girl but I noticed backgrounds seemed to change although claiming to be in her same room.

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We hung up, I decided to Google the number only to find in the site[TDS Note: On Nov.

In addition to POF, this scam has targeted men on Craigslist, Meet Me, OKCupid, Seeking, Adult Friend Finder and other apps.

We hear from so many men targeted by this scam that we cannot keep this article updated fast enough with all the information we receive.

For more than a year there appeared to be two separate criminals responsible for the majority of these scams.

We believed that one of them lives in Texas and the other is in South Carolina.

Since September 2016, more POF users have contacted us about the same “underage girl” (or boy) sext scam than all other scams we hear about.

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