My single friend dating reviews dating sites for divorcees in austria

26-Mar-2016 02:45

Those with an awakened mind that's open to learning and self-development; those that want to live life positively and explore the opportunity and potential in life; those who are compassionate and kind, health conscious perhaps.

It's a place for creative types, spiritual types, mindfulness types, worldly types, travel types…

The site aims to match make singles through their friend's descriptions of them, building an online community and taking away the hassle and stigma of writing your own dating profile.

is owned by My Single Friend Limited, a company registered in England in August 2004.

For example: Let's say you're a vegan ,who enjoys meditation but also a glass of wine or two on the weekend, and wants kids some day.

Or perhaps you're a Christian who smokes weed occasionally, is anti-fracking and likes camping in the great outdoors!

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The platform uses geolocation to know which country you're in and find matches in your local community.

What also interested me is the fact that you can meet friends on there too.

Sure, the main pull (no pun intended) is dating, but there's a community vibe to it that allows those who are married, in a relationship or not looking for love to find friends with similar mindful interests.

They are built on the basic precept that if you put a bunch of single people together they will naturally fall in love/hook up, just because they are single. It's like when a friend introduces you to another single friend: just because you're both single, the expectation is that you will fall in love.

Life doesn't work that way, at least not for us advanced, critically-thinking apes. Well, just recently, while out with a single friend, she mentioned her recent foray into the world of “mindful dating” – on a site called Meet Mindful.

However, it doesn't track your location as you move around, so your browsing location does not automatically update when you travel.