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Even when she's not wearing any makeup, she can drag attention to herself.

She is what most men will call, "hot" and what I will call, "hothothothothot".

Her eyes are the color of Justine's, which are gorgeous, but seem to stand out more on Breanne. I feel kind of bad for some of the things that happened, and some of the things I did, but we all make mistakes, and I think I'll feel better once it's out there. I hope you enjoyed it, and do not mind the odd pairing… Haha :) Please review if you would like me to continue!

It gave me the impression that maybe she to go unnoticed. Still, I feel the need to tell it, to get it off my chest.

He is considered to be one of the so called Golden Five Polish CS: GO players(the others being Ta Z, kuben, Loord and LUq).

Ekaterina Pandorka is the former girlfriend and now wife of professional e Sports player Alexey Ichetovkin who has been part of the professional scene since 2009.

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I just couldn't figure out a way to write from Breanne's point of view, so this is Toby's. All of them are beautiful, and all of them are unique.

Yuri Seo is the girlfriend of League of Legends player Doublelift who is also a member of the team led by another e Sport player on this list called Reginald.