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The camp site reception has a folder of pictures and a guest book for old timers. It's nice to look back on the good times spent with a great collection of young men during our basic training at RAF Bridgnorth. Chaps from that era seem in short supply as I've only met one that I knew. Nickname (mo) arrived with the last big intake of N/service. This is as a result of myself and Peter Williams making a request to the Council for a new site, etc. Comment by Webmaster - Comments on the Message Board please, not here in the Guest book.

Memories of Bridgnorth blurred but I have the photo of everyone outside the hut with all the names. I was delighted to see a photo of my instructor (Cpl Hollyoak) from 1955 pictured in what must have been the next squad after mine. I live in hope that one day my long lost Flight photo will appear. He and myself were stationed at RAF Tengah in Singapore in the mid sixties (those were the days! It would be great to hear from him so hopefully he will be browsing one of these days. 1959 in May in C Sqd (B Flt I think) only two from Cornwall, Dickie Pearse from St. I am looking for any information about my dad who died in 1996. Thank you for your help and time and well done every one. We are still in comunication with the Council to tie up the loose end's, but I am sure you will all agree this is a step in the right direction. For those that don't know, Lavington Gardens are in Underhill Street which, having gone over the old river bridge towards the High town, is the next road that runs parallel to the river.

Suffice to say I was impressed with the gate guardians and never forgot them. My drill Cpl was blonde hair and as sharp as a knife, who often said we would get backflighted, we never did but the threat worked. Was pleased that my father insisted I joined his brass band when younger and moaned about going to practice instead of playing in the streets with my mates as I put full use of during my service with the RAF.. If anyone remembers me and wants to contact, feel free. I enjoyed the training and was with a lot of nice blokes, but that was a cold winter and I remember sleeping in my shirt to keep warm, I lost our passing out photo while moving house and would like a copy if anyone remembers me I will pay any costs, all the best to all you old uns. Always enjoy looking back over this site in the hope that I'll discover some old mate's left a note or two or perhaps a photo. But only living on the outskirts of Wolverhampton after guard I got home for the day.

There was no shouting until later but what I do remember is 14 days of terrible stiff and painful legs. It was summer, it was hell and after 8 weeks we were proud. Whenever I find an old picture of those 'bull happy' days I'll send it in. I remember a lot of the films shown at the Astra were 'Boy's Town' films during my time there. Hopefully, future visits to the site may reveal new content that will jog my memory.

It provokes the memory and how National Service important that it was pales into the mists of memory.... I would love to hear from any body from 7 Ft July 1953 photo (1953 - Howard Flt) Again a great web site. I'm looking for any information/memories/stories about my dad: Derek Stone 4183787. I found him on one of the sites photos - '1956 - 30 Flt 'C' Sqd' he's on the top row 5th from the left. I can remember some clearer names to amend to my photo '1958 - Hut 309, Flt 40' from April onwards!!!! Apologies for anyone whose name I may have forgotten (or mis-spelled. Anyone remember route lining in London, right after square bashing in May 1954 for the visit of the King and Queen Gustav of Sweden. Hi, have just found some old photo's of my time at RAF Bridgnorth 1960. I have a photo of the flight and some of them have signed the back namely B Flowers, J.

Then all young men, now most of us are getting on but I think we all had a great time. We were billeted in RAF Uxbridge and formed up on the Oval cricket ground. J Jones, G Jackson, J Hogg, G Hooper, A Hardy, J Heasley, and Harrison alias Wally Lofty and some names I can't read. Anyone out there that was part of the group that has any memories or info.

Thanks for this site and bringing back all the memories. I have seen loads on the site but none with Cpl Gorman so know they are not my group. I have the reverse side with signatures on it, which I will endeavour to send to curator. To a Scot in a foreign country, it was quite an experience. Now living in Georgia after being transferred around the U. At last came the big day "Passing Out Parade" and we were so proud after winning the cup for that intake. Very memorable days and never to be forgotten., from Padgate and couldn't believe what was happening to us! as one of those nice "Snow Drops" in the Guardroom before being sent to sunny Cyprus. I was there - but I have no idea what flight I was in or the names of any of my fellow inmates - but maybe if I post my number, others might help me - it was 4120227.

The training we received gave us wonderful grounding for our lives ahead. I have pictures of groups taken by the official station photographer that you can have including the bound copy of the Station. Cannot remember too many names but Cpl Gorman is one of them, he played the guitar at our leaving party. I was the Scot you could all understand when I spoke. room a bit, also to Wolverhampton to meet the girls. 5 July 2006 - difficult to find - couldn't remember layout but it seems to be farther away from the town. Stayed at Unicorn at Hampton Loade, South of Bridgnorth town. (approx) of Wing number 3, Flt 22 with all my mates. We were certainly fit when we left after eight weeks, but going on leave for Christmas, after only a few days of the regime, I must have looked a bit vulnerable, because on the bus in Birmingham a teenage girl got up and offered me her seat! I am currently updating my book "Spitfire Survivors" and would be very interested in receiving photos of any of the Spitfires which were displayed at Bridgnorth, Hednesford, Padgate, West Kirby or Wilmslow during the period 1948 - 1963. Have very fond memories of the area as I have been married to one of those lovely local girls (Highley) for 50 years in June this year. Trade training at Hereford then Innsworth, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Akrotiri, Halton hospital, Lyneham (99 Sqd air steward) and finished at Bicester. I passed thru Bridgnorth a second time on September 14th, . I.'s were Cpl Beard (a softie trying to be hard) and Cpl King (very hard but fair).

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I hope you will support me on this, I do not wish or intend to get in the way of Mike and Sue work's in arranging the reunion's, that is their own area, I just want to keep in contact with other ex Bridgnorth vets so that if you want to keep in touch this could be the way. Not only have we got the Bridgnorth web site back, Gwynne has even downloaded the pictures he took of our 70th anniversary parade in Bridgnorth last week-end to give everyone a chance to see photo's of our parade, many thanks Gwynne, I am sure we all appreciate the gesture. I remember arriving back at Camp 4.5 hours late after the Christmas break and not being the only Airman to fall foul of this breach of punctuality.

Perhaps he was seen to have bright lights on the X-ray plates. A real eye opener which has allowed me to put the clock back 54 years. Many thanks for the pleasure that you have given me through all your hard work. Went on to RAF Melsham for Electrical Fitter-Air training. We soon learnt and obeyed, as was the best policy then haha!!