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The ever-expanding outfit - at one point claiming more than 30 members - became a notorious nationwide sensation, bringing grime and underground garage to the masses and paving the way for the current explosion in UK urban pop.

But the So Solid Crew name soon became tainted, with the group linked to violence – which resulted in them cancelling their debut tour.

Going on to run a successful booking agency, clothing line and client agency, Maffia certainly has her fingers in a lot of pies. “It feeds my cravings of keeping busy.” LARGER THAN LIFE: So Solid Crew reached No.1 in the UK charts with their hit 21 Seconds Even in So Solid Crew as a teenager, and the group’s foremost female member, Maffia knew how to hold her own among the high levels of testosterone and was able to gain and maintain the lads’ respect. You own yourself, you know yourself, you’re confident within yourself and you respect everyone. At just 19 years old, the youngster already has a university degree and owns her own business.

Maffia, who gave birth to Chelsea when she was 16, says: “She’s done really well.

The group’s reputation was badly tarnished, records ceased to sell and the group folded.

Maffia, dubbed the First Lady of Garage, launched her own solo career in 2003, where her debut All Over reached No.2 in the charts. Once I start something, I have to follow it through, she tells Life & Style. So I think that’s how I gained a true friendship with them. I became a girly girl, but still held my own.” The singer’s only daughter Chelsea is following in her mother’s ‘lady boss’ footsteps.

But while Ashley Walters' acting career took off, the others' solo albums were not huge hits.

“We don't need to jump about on stage any more because we don't have anything more to prove.