Same sex dating violence who is dating the game

29-Apr-2016 16:47

This is because, since the Supreme Court’s opinion on same-sex marriage, any law that protects a spouse from being abused by another, must be applied to same-sex spouses equally.Moreover, in states where domestic violence laws apply to both formal relationships like marriage, as well as, to those in which a couple is simply living together or dating, the law would, in most cases, apply to same-sex couples as well.Children in homes where there is domestic violence are more likely to be abused and/or neglected.Most children in these homes know about the violence.His second offense, against his wife, would have brought about a much more serious charge if his first offense had been classified as domestic violence.Federal and state laws that affect the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community have changed over the last several years in order to recognize and accommodate relationships between same-sex couples.

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This makes the prevalence of domestic violence among same-sex couples (approximately 25-33%) as common as it is in heterosexual relationships.Same-sex relationships House Bill 27 would allow domestic abuse battery charges to be brought against people who attack their spouse or partner regardless of the victim's sex.Current law protects only a person of the "opposite sex," meaning domestic violence laws don't apply to same-sex relationships even if the couple is married. Patrick Connick, R-Harvey, sponsored the bill at the request of the Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick Jr., his older brother.Furthermore, since it is generally assumed that a physical altercation between two men or two women is a fight between equals, the power imbalance that often exists between a couple (of any sexual orientation) goes unaddressed.

This, in turn, leads to same-sex domestic violence being reported as something other than domestic violence. Victims can be of any age, sex, race, culture, religion, education, employment or marital status.