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21-Sep-2016 01:39

Fortunately the Combover Kid's undersized hands are too tiny, weak and delicate to key in the nuclear codes, but it's not for his lack of trying to destroy the world!

Trump's nannies applaud as Widdle Donnie Whinydiaper learns to operate a safety pen with his teeny-tiny fingers.

You can employ your browser's search feature or use CTRL-F to find nicknames for Trump's family, friends and lapdogs.

My favorites include Melanoma (Melania Trump), Proxy Wife (Ivanka Trump), Aide de Kampf (Jared Kushner), Wrongway Conway (Kellyanne Conway), Koch Addict (Mitch Mc Connell), Cruella De Vile (Betsy De Vos), Paul Ruin (Paul Ryan), Detourney General (Jeff Sessions) and HUD Ornament (Ben Carson).

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Burch (adopted from the Bible and first used in a possibly prophetic Facebook post on September 11, 2015) (#9) The White Pride Piper Trump is the poster boy for the "Make Ameri KKKa Grate Again" movement of white supremacists, neo-nazis and skinheads (#10) Man-Baby by Jon Stewart (this one inspired an avalanche of jokes and similar nicknames; for instance, Robert De Niro called Trump "our Baby-in-Chief") Let's get this straight: Trump releases the Nunes memo and the stock market immediately crashes 666 points.

The Brooklyn Brat is certainly proud of his "big boy" accomplishment.