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It’s engaging, compelling, and a great choice for kids and adults.Historic Philadelphia’s sites are not limited to those related to America’s founding.While country music dominates the live music scene, Nashville has other great nighttime entertainment options.Philadelphia, a city where the foundations that govern America to this day were established, is a memorable experience for both young and older travelers and especially history-buffs.

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Carpenter Hall, the stately Georgian-style building next to Independence Hall, is another historic icon.A stop at the First United States Mint, the first and still active U. Mint, is fascinating to anyone who is curious about how our currency came about.See the Mint Deed signed by President Andrew Jackson; the first coining press used to strike America’s first coins in 1792; and, if operating, watch coining in operation from 40 ft.Being able to visit the places where the founding fathers met to discuss, debate and carefully craft the documents that led to the birth of America is awesome.

To put it in perspective, beginning with the 1 Continental Congress in 1774, Philadelphia was chosen as the meeting place for representatives of the 13 colonies.Considered a sophisticated city, it was selected for its accessibility, large port, number of buildings suitable for meetings and for the accommodations it offered to the delegates.